Stated Convocations on the first and fourth Mondays of each month.

west-allis chapter


Officer Office E-mail
Brad Bingheim, PHP, GM3V High Priest [email protected]
Nathan Butts King [email protected]
Peter Misko, GM2V Scribe [email protected]
Charles “Mick” Olson, PHP, PGHP Treasurer [email protected]
Brian Hudy, PGHP, PHP, GSec Secretary [email protected]
Michael L. Fairbanks, PHP, GTr Chaplain [email protected]
William A. Reid Captain of the Host [email protected]
Joshua M. Armstrong, PHP Principal Sojourner [email protected]
Jon Falk Royal Arch Captain [email protected]
Jeremy Hilgendorf Master of the Third Veil [email protected]
Dennis Wilson Master of the Second Veil [email protected]
Master of the First Veil [email protected]
David Schreier, PHP Sentinel [email protected]