Greetings Companions


kilbourn council


Officer Office Phone E-mail
Nathan Butts T.I.M.   [email protected]
Peter J. Misko I.D.M.   [email protected]
William Reid I.P.C.W.   [email protected]
Charles “Mick” Olson, PTIM Treasurer   [email protected]
Joshua Armstrong, PTIM Recorder 414-418-2822 [email protected]
Michael L. Fairbanks, PTIM Chaplain   [email protected]
Jon Falk Captain of the Guard   [email protected]
Jeremy Hilgendorf Conductor of Council   [email protected]
Michael P. Clinnin, PTIM Steward   [email protected]
Bradley E. Bingheim, PTIM Marshal   [email protected]
test Sentinel   [email protected]
Brian J. Hudy, PMIGM, PTIM Director of the Work   [email protected]