Stated Convocations on the first and fourth Mondays of each month.

west-allis chapter


Officer Office E-mail
Brad Bingheim, PHP, GM3V High Priest
Nathan Butts King
Peter Misko, GM2V Scribe
Charles “Mick” Olson, PHP, PGHP Treasurer
Brian Hudy, PGHP, PHP, GSec Secretary
Michael L. Fairbanks, PHP, GTr Chaplain
William A. Reid Captain of the Host
Joshua M. Armstrong, PHP Principal Sojourner
Jon Falk Royal Arch Captain
Jeremy Hilgendorf Master of the Third Veil
Dennis Wilson Master of the Second Veil
Master of the First Veil
David Schreier, PHP Sentinel

Our stated communications are the second Thursday of each month at 7 PM. We have dinner beforehand at 6 PM. Dinner is free but donations are appreciated.

Officer Phone Office E-mail
Mike Zvara (414) 935-7303 W.M.
Bill Reid   S.W.
Jon Falk   J.W.
David R. Schreier, P.M. (414) 761-3022 Secretary and Temple Use Coordinator or Lodge e-mail
Earl Kammerud (414) 687-5630 Chaplain

Greetings Companions


kilbourn council


Officer Office Phone E-mail
Nathan Butts T.I.M.
Peter J. Misko I.D.M.
William Reid I.P.C.W.
Charles “Mick” Olson, PTIM Treasurer
Joshua Armstrong, PTIM Recorder 414-418-2822
Michael L. Fairbanks, PTIM Chaplain
Jon Falk Captain of the Guard
Jeremy Hilgendorf Conductor of Council
Michael P. Clinnin, PTIM Steward
Bradley E. Bingheim, PTIM Marshal
test Sentinel
Brian J. Hudy, PMIGM, PTIM Director of the Work

Our stated Conclaves are the first Wednesday of the month. This year we add the second Wednesday to our schedule with the Specials on the third Wednesday. If no candidates are in waiting, we invite any S.K. to attend and work on any ritual or drill/Full Form elements they desire.

Officer Phone Office E-mail
Shawn Noble 262-930-3884 Eminent Commander
Mick Olson 414-397-3076 Recorder  
Blair Dixon 414-425-2115 Hospitaler